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Monocat’s Crazy Doodles

Paul Schroeder is known as Monocat the vicious doodler and cartoonist who has worked on projects like “Minimalist British Humour” (which gives variety to the word butt), and “Eat Eggs to Maintain Your Health” a collaboration with writer Luke Walsh.

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Strength of the Body, Power of the Mind

In Giulio Musardo’s photographs, humans take second place to the raw powers of nature.

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10 Films That Will Put You in a Good Mood

I don’t know a single soul who hasn’t been moved to tears by a film, or ever seen one that failed to put a smile on their face. When you have a memorable time at the movies, you tend to remember it for a long time. The ability for cinema to put a person in a good mood should never be under appreciated. It feels special. The world can even feel like a sunnier place, for a short time.

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(Cover image from “Hugo” © respective film studio)

Drawings of Cats and a Bulldog Who Loves to Read

Lorine Angelmann is dedicated to making beautiful portraits of family pets and exotic animals using mechanical pencils for some, and for others, she does a complete 180 using bright-colored brush pens.

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Breathtaking Illusions and Mirrors by Visual Artists

When used ineffectively, mirrors and illusions in any kind of art can seem like cheap tricks. But when used appropriately, it can feel like a dream.

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(Cover image © Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi)

10 Disturbing Artistic Creations

Normally, if we’re in one of those masochistic moods where we want to feel the cold fingers of terror, we naturally turn to cinema or literature. Settling down to watch “The Shining” for the seventeenth time, or jumping into some Lovecraft can usually scratch that particular (and peculiar) itch. Rarely do we turn to visual art—but perhaps we should.

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(Cover art © Zdizslaw Beksinski)

Beautifully Illustrating Life and Death

Canadian visual artist and tattooer Kit King (killer name by the way) does a great line in finely detailed and beautifully rendered black and white drawings.

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Flipping through the portfolio of photographer Rebeca Sarey, it is like going back in time and witnessing all the strongest women throughout history.

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