The tattoos included here may have nothing to do with actual beheadings in the serious sense, but there is slicing and dicing to create unique and strange compositions.

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(Cover Image © Nick Broslavskiy).


Rubén Chase is a conceptual and fine art photographer from Vigo, Spain, and highly skilled when it comes to utilising the power of digital techniques in photography.

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10 Great Examples of 3D Typography

From a water slide structure forming the word “YOLO” (short for “You Only Live Once,” so might as well jump on it), to grilled burger meat shaped to spell “Relish,” there is a lot you can do with 3D typography… especially nowadays with current software.

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(Image © Foreal)

Street artist Vhils has finally gotten the credit he deserves. This is his first major solo show at the Electricity Museum (EDP Foundation) in Lisbon, located near the breathtaking Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower.

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(Photo © Scene 360)


Watercolor tattoos were trendy back in ‘12, with pioneers like Ondrash, Klaim and Wachob. Their body art experiments inspired others to explore, giving way to modern masters in this fresh and unique style.

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(Cover photo © 360 Media Solutions)

Gorgeous Zebra-Stripped Female Nudes

The light coming from the window blinds casts striped patterned on these bodies. It is the perfect balance of light and shadow over the curvature of the hips, buttocks, and breasts—gracefully highlighting female forms. Something that Lucien Clergue does so well.

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(Photo © Lucien Clergue)

Sam Barber has done this impressive tribute to dark fantasy film, “Pan’s Labyrinth.” 

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Drawings of Ultra Shiny Automobiles

Someone took the time to really polish these cars. There are BMWs, Audis, Volkswagens and Peugeots in the line up illustrations by Dogukan Uludag…

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Check out our exclusive photos from Jim Lambie’s Art Show @ Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh.

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(Photo by Christopher Smail, © Scene 360)

10 Best Album Covers of 2014

A great album cover is the same as a quality book cover. No matter how good the product is inside, if you cannot communicate the message and themes effectively through art on the exterior, then you have a serious problem on your hands.

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(cover © Jenny Lewis)