Strength of the Body, Power of the Mind

In Giulio Musardo’s photographs, humans take second place to the raw powers of nature.

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Flipping through the portfolio of photographer Rebeca Sarey, it is like going back in time and witnessing all the strongest women throughout history.

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The Photo-Realist Lady in the Water

Yigal Ozeri is a New York-based artist, originally from Israel. His style of painting is very much in the hyperrealism mould.

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Nude Self-Portraits by Photographers

The self-portrait is a difficult style of photography to master. And when you throw in the vulnerability of creating one without the added comfort of clothing, it makes it all the more challenging for any artist.


(Cover photo © Francesca Woodman)

In her midsummer-style images, circles of golden light dance across the canvas like fireflies. Everything is alive and green and magical.

Photos © Evelyn Waugh

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Carl Warner challenges how we view the human body in the photographic series shown here. His work is comprised of body parts organized in such a way that they resemble massive landscapes foregrounded against a neutral tinted sky.


Dreamy Black and White Photography

By Silvia Grav.


Breathtaking Landscape Photography by Marc Adamus.

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Striking Infrared Photography by Daniel Zvereff.

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SPECTACULAR “RIVER GIANTS.” High-speed photography by Jack Long.

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